Born in 1984,Aalst,
Born and living in Aalst, I graduated as an illustrator and graphic designer.I came into contact with art and photography at very young age. During my training, I had the opportunity to get to know photography through analog photography. I have grown impassioned by the purity of the film, the dark room and the smells associated to the process. Despite the growth of digital photography, I have continued to practice both types of photography.​ Personal long term projects keep me going, but I also shoot, editorial and corporate assignments.
Most of the time I work in Belgium, however I love to travel for my series in U.S.A and Europe.
 Practicing this form of photography entails some risks: the locations are sometimes hugely dangerous, can be in danger of collapsing and are often difficult to reach. When I enter the sites, I take particular care not to deteriorate anything. Patience is no luxury.It has happened that access was only granted after ten requests to enter. In the worst cases, it could take months to get authorization. To obtain the image I want, I sometimes need to take calculated risks.
It is no use to spend too much time thinking of what could go wrong. The urge to get the picture I want often wins over the hesitation.​ What matters to me is the blend of emotions and feelings provoked by my images. More and more often, I am requested to say where the pictures were taken. Apparently, people are fascinated by knowing actual locations. Everyone wonders whether something similar might exist in their own village or town. The photos of my series were taken all over Europe and in all layers of society.




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